Are theism and evolutionary theory inconsistent with each other?


Yes, it is inconsistent with each other for the fact that evolutionary theory by Charles Darwin is observed by means of natural selection and with the help of science. This theory is also known as the “survival of the fittest” it is not just about strength and power but most especially the ability to adapt changes and reproduce (Than, 2015). It also explains the evolution of man from apes and other species supported by the different sciences.

Theism for me is the widely believed by most people from the past till now. The difference between theism and evolutionary theory is that theism is the belief that God created the living and non-living things but we know that there is no evidence for that. Even though there is no proof I still have faith in God because He is the only one supreme being which is very different from evolution. This claim was first presented by the prophets and followers of Christ from the time that science is still not widely practice and the people from that time believed from what there leader wants them to believe. One of the best examples is the sun. God purposely put the sun far from the earth in order for the human animals and non-human animals to stay alive. In that sense, evolution has nothing to do with it. On the other hand, due to climate change, typhoons and other natural calamities these have nothing to do with God for the reason that, humans are the one to take accountability of their actions. Thus, the environment and species evolve natural depending on the geographical location. For me, the theory of Charles Darwin does not reject our faith and beliefs in God. It has something to do with human actions which lead to natural changes in the earth. Additionally, I believe that God has the capacity to evolve everything but He leave it to us humans and animals for us to experience and/or look for the true meaning of life. On the other hand, evolution of theory is also true in a way that coping to adaptation is very important in order to survive. For example, here in the Philippines the typical climate is hot and humid. If a person moved to another country with different climate like Alaska, then, he or she will have a hard time to adjust and adapt. With that being said, it has nothing to do with the existence of God.




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